Spiffy & Splendid Affiliate Program

Start earning commission when you share your favorite S&S accessories with your community.  

What does it mean to be a Spiffy & Splendid Affiliate?

We’re cultivating a community of women who let their confidence shine a light on others and you’re invited to the party as an S&S affiliate. Let’s be honest, the real reason we wear accessories is because in some way, these unique styles complete our outfits and help us just feel so flipping good in our own skin. And my guess is that if you’re on this page, you’re already an S&S fan who loves how our accessories fit right into your life (not to mention, they are so lightweight, I know you know). Now for every compliment you receive, you have the opportunity to earn a commission when someone shops through your unique Spiffy & Splendid link. 


What you’ll be doing:

- Sharing at least 1 social media post per month to remain an active Affiliate (This does not include stories)

- Organically sharing your unique link and code with your network so that they can shop and you can earn.

The details on what you’ll earn:

- 20% commission on all purchases made through your unique link

- 10% off code to share with your followers that they can use anytime they purchase

- A guide on how to be successful as an S&S Affiliate

- S&S Affiliate Facebook Community where you'll be able to connect, ask questions and get exclusive information.


Become an affiliate today in just 3 easy steps:


Step 1: Fill out an application at affiliate.spiffyandsplendid.com/create-account


Step 2: Get your custom URL  and discount code once you’re accepted. 


Step 3: Sell and earn! 20% for all purchases made through your unique link or code.



What is the commission rate?

The commission rate is 20% on the subtotal of the order. That means after discount and before tax and shipping.


How often do I get paid and when?

You’ll get paid once a month at the end of every month via PayPal. In order to start receiving payments, you must complete a W9. This can be found under the settings tab of your dashboard.


Can I use Spiffy & Splendid photos to promote?

Yes you can use anything we are sharing on our own social media platforms, but we ALWAYS encourage you to create your own original content too!

You can check the “Marketing Tools” tab on your dashboard for additional graphics provided by us.


Can my discount code be used with other discounts? 

No, discount codes cannot be stacked, but as long as someone shops with your link, you’ll still earn commission. 


Will I be notified if a sale is generated using my link?

Yes, you’ll receive an email when sales come through from your link. 


What if someone uses my code, but not my link? Do I still earn commission?

Yes, you will earn commission when someone purchases through your link or with your code.


Am I able to use my own code?

Yes! You are able to use your own 10% off code and earn 20% commission on your own order.


Where can I access my link and sales?

You can login and access your dashboard here: https://affiliate.spiffyandsplendid.com/

In your dashboard, you’ll find your link and have access to your sales.

You can also download the GoAffPro app (Google Play Store and iOS). You will need our store code, which is: 7006577

What requirements are there to maintain eligibility?

Super simple - we just need 2 things. A W9 on file (done 1 time through your portal) and you need to post via your social media outlets at least 1 time per month.

How old do I have to be to apply?

You must be 18 years old to apply.


Spiffy & Splendid Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions